Wrap-Up of Rebecca’s Dreams (Part One of “The Dream Diaries”)

Wrap-Up of Rebecca's Dream Diary (flash fiction by Brenna Pierson) | authorbrennapierson.wordpress.com

I was not really into self-help books, but looking back at my dream diary, I saw that my dreams really did reflect my state of mind. When I thought about it, I realized that elements from my childhood—actually from childhood ideals in general—were ever-present. I had indeed been stuck on my childhood for some time, wanting to go back to a simpler phase. But the fairy godmother had a good point: I really need to try and enjoy the present.

My therapist agreed on my interpretation of my dreams but also gave me a written interpretation of his own—one much more detailed and breaking down more of the symbolism.

The castle at the beginning depicts your childhood as a whole, especially the fact that it was made of diamonds and dazzled even in the gloomy weather,as you noted in your dream diary. The cobwebs and other creepy accoutrements were just symbols that the castle itself was a remnant of the past—nothing stays perfect and dazzling forever. The teddy bears obviously are more symbols from your childhood—and the fact that there was an entire army of them saying they were going to save you shows that you believe your childhood was truly a better time and was so much better than now that it could take down any catastrophes brewing in your life. But you knew they don’t belong in the here and now—that’s why you wished to stab them at first. Your love of your childhood saved them in the end, however. The teddy bears—and your childhood—can’t save you now. That’s why the moat overtook them.

The fairy godmother figure could either be someone from your past or a simple representation, again, of childhood itself, since she came in a childlike form.

The cake represents the pleasantries of childhood—remember, though, that not everything in everyone’s childhood is pleasant. But in this case, in your dream, Rebecca, that’s why the cake was offered to you. The fact that the teddy bears were “dead and buried” has an obvious meaning. That you attempted to offer the cake to them by forcing it into the vase in the ground represents  trying to force the good parts of childhood into a place where it does not belong…in a place where childhood has passed from this life.

Then during your “punishment” on the desert island, being alone and isolated lead to you realizing you had to let the past go. Once you did, you were offered the opportunity to enjoy the world—a new larger world than before depicted by the stretching beach—and invited to enjoy the present with everyone else.

From "Wrap-Up of Rebecca's Dream Diaries" (flash fiction by Brenna Pierson) | authorbrennapierson.wordpress.comI couldn’t believe all of that was present in my dream! But it did make perfect sense. At least apparently, my subconscious realized what I may have been missing out on. I feel it truly is a “stretch” for me, as I named the entry. But I figure that it is at least worth a try.

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Literary Ice Cream (in Theory)

"Literary Ice Cream (in Theory)" (blog post by Brenna Pierson) | www.authorbrennapierson.wordpress.com

The last literary food post explored chocolate that might be the favorites of some of the most beloved fictional characters if they lived in this day and age. Since “we all scream for ice cream,” though (as the saying goes), how could we not look at ice cream that might make our favorite characters break out in cheers?

So if the following seven characters were hanging out in summer, what might their favorite ice cream be? Here are some possible picks.

Count Dracula: Any Ice Cream with Dripping Cherry Sauce

"Literary Ice Cream (in Theory)" (blog post by Brenna Pierson) | www.authorbrennapierson.wordpress.com

For Dracula, it probably wouldn’t be so much about the ice cream but about the toppings for it. Anything featuring some drippy cherry or strawberry topping looking like his favorite liquid would appease him.


Orpheus: German Chocolate Ice Cream

"Literary Ice Cream (in Theory)" (blog post by Brenna Pierson) | www.authorbrennapierson.wordpress.com

Most likely, a tried-and-true European ice cream (or at least one that sounded European) would be perfect for this ancient hero.


Scrooge: Vanilla Sundae Cups

"Literary Ice Cream (in Theory)" (blog post by Brenna Pierson) | www.authorbrennapierson.wordpress.com

Being the miser that he is, Scrooge would be drawn to vanilla sundae cups you could buy at the store for 10 for $1.


Frodo: Mushroom Ice Cream

"Literary Ice Cream (in Theory)" (blog post by Brenna Pierson) | www.authorbrennapierson.wordpress.com

This certainly isn’t a common flavor, but it does exist. And any time Frodo could get ahold of mushroom ice cream, of course that would be the first choice.


Winnie the Pooh: Honey Ice Cream

"Literary Ice Cream (in Theory)" (blog post by Brenna Pierson) | www.authorbrennapierson.wordpress.com

Pretty self-explanatory.


King Arthur: Praline Ice Cream

"Literary Ice Cream (in Theory)" (blog post by Brenna Pierson) | www.authorbrennapierson.wordpress.com

This sweet, almost candy-like flavor would surely remind King Arthur of his fanciful Camelot.


Dorian Gray: Gelato

"Literary Ice Cream (in Theory)" (blog post by Brenna Pierson) | www.authorbrennapierson.wordpress.com

How dare anyone suggest Dorian Gray would partake of regular ice cream! Only the finest gelato would do for this lover of decadence.


And for one of my characters, Archaeologist Anna Purgitt: Vanilla Soft Serve

"Literary Ice Cream (in Theory)" (blog post by Brenna Pierson) | www.authorbrennapierson.wordpress.com

Vanilla soft serve just has that nostalgic quality that any good archaeologist would appreciate.

*Anna Purgitt is featured in the short story, “Revvel’s Tomb.”


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“The Stretch,” Dream 4 of Rebecca’s Dreams (Part One of “The Dream Diaries”)

"The Stretch" (flash fiction by Brenna Pierson) | authorbrennapierson.wordpress.com

I, Rebecca Fanten, agree to record any unusual dreams as part of my treatment. Below is entry #4, titled “The Stretch.”

I had just finished stuffing the cake into the burial vase. Slowly standing up, still in that flowing red dress, I stared down at the former dessert-turned-burial offering.

That’s when this strange vision—the ghost of one of the teddy bears—showed up in front of me. He was what I would expect a ghost to look like—transparent, and rather monochrome; you could see areas of lightness and darkness making up his form, but I didn’t see any actual color.

The teddy bear asked, “What you doing?” He said he couldn’t understand why I was smashing the “nice cake into the vase of life.” It then pointed its pudgy stuffed arm at me, and he said, “Your punishment has come!”

The scene suddenly changed. I was on a small desert island, so small I could see the entire perimeter and all of its boundaries just by turning all around. A long tree stood in the middle o the island; it was exactly like a cartoon depiction of being stuck on a desert island.

The sun was out, and it was so bright it was nearly blinding—but somehow it was still freezing, as if the snow and ice should actually be blanketing the atmosphere instead of the sun. It was mid-morning, though I don’t know how I knew that, specifically.

I don’t know if it was the freezing despite the sun or the blinding light, but I started uncontrollably crying again. I covered my face in despair and then yelled hoarsely through my hands, “All right, all right! I won’t look for the teddy bears anymore!”

At that moment, the island started stretching out—and so did the blinding light, so that balanced out and became a nice, warming sunshine. The ice cold temperatures of moments ago vanished, and it was warm and balmy.

The amazing thing is that while it stretched, the beach also became populated with people. They were all around, playing with beach balls, getting a tan, having picnics and just enjoying the sun.

Then suddenly, the fairy godmother character from before passed by on a bike, riding it along the beach, and said, “Isn’t it a beautiful day to enjoy?”

From "The Stretch" (flash fiction by Brenna Pierson) | authorbrennapierson.wordpress.com
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