“Bears at the Castle,” Dream 1 of Rebecca’s Dreams (Part One of “The Dream Diaries”)

"Bears at the Castle," Dream 1 of Rebecca's Dreams (Part One of "The Dream Diaries")

I, Rebecca Fanten, agree to record any unusual dreams as part of my treatment. Below is entry #1, titled “Bears at the Castle.”

I have no idea how I was “driving” the gondola, but it was going across a moat, just reaching the bank of the shore. Right along the shore was a beautiful castle, like in a fairy tale. Diamonds seemed to glisten all over it—or it just sparkled—but it seemed to have diamonds on its walls, and it shined despite the dark and stormy weather.

The weird thing was that the castle, though it was glistening even in the darkness, actually seemed really creepy. There were cobwebs all over it, hanging from watchtowers and the spires. A thunderstorm was brewing behind it, and the sky was a dark red with the grayest clouds I had ever seen. And beside the castle was a bunch of stores on one side and a mall on the other, just sitting there normally with this diamond-like castle in between.

I got out of the gondola in a daze—and wearing a fancy red dress that flowed onto the muddy ground. It looked like I was going to a ball or something.

Then all of a sudden, an army of teddy bears came rushing up out of nowhere—they just sort of appeared with little weapons (I couldn’t see what type of weapon), claiming that they would save me. Their short little arms waved the weapons around as they seemed to have some mental war cry about saving me.

"Bears at the Castle," Dream 1 of Rebecca's Dreams (Part One of "The Dream Diaries")

Then I saw a random knife on the ground in the mud. I picked it up and looked at it a moment. I think I was going to stab the teddy bears.
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