Flash Fiction: “The Stars of Weeping”

"The Stars of Weeping" (flash fiction by Brenna Pierson), photo by DominiksPhotos | BrennaPierson.com

The kids were all in the middle of their summer camp experience, tromping around at night with their backpacks in the middle of the woods. Being in summer, it was a balmly evening, with the evergreens in their night splendor gently lifting up to the dark sky in all their beauty.

And of course, the camp counselor was at the head of the pack, a gaunt yet knowing man. He turned around to address the very young campers.

“And there is the new constellation they just discovered,” he said, pointing at a few groups of stars in the distance, to the right, shaped like a few teardrops. “The one they call ‘The Stars of Weeping.'”

“Why is it called that?” said one little girl.

“DUH!” one other little girl—a rather bullish sort—declared. “Because they look like tears from crying!”

The counselor explained, despite the useless outburst. “Remember how a lot of the other constellations have their explanations and ties from mythology? This one’s a bit different. For this constellation, they say that when angels cry, the tears are so honest that they are things of beauty. To reflect that beauty, the sky forms all the stars, but this constellation shows the true ‘meaning of life,’ you could say, for all the stars—and that’s why they’re ‘The Stars of Weeping.”

"The Stars of Weeping" (flash fiction by Brenna Pierson)

Suddenly, one boy gasped and pointed up at the constellation—a single star fell from The Stars of weeping. It dropped nonchalantly from its place in the sky, as all falling stars do.

The entire group began to freak out. Some of the children started crying themselves, holding their little fists to their mouths.

“No, no…That’s a good thing,” the counselor said, soothingly. “When one of those stars falls, it means an angel has something to be happy about, and so one of its tears doesn’t exist anymore.”